Saturday, January 31, 2009

It can't be that simple,can it?

Most of the focus floating around the stimulus seems to try to simplify it down to the right wanting tax cuts vs. the left trying to spend our way out of the recession.I don't see it that way.I don't think the left has any conviction to spending as a viable recovery option.It simply is a way to enact their agenda of expanding their voting base.This isn't a battle of Austrian economics vs. Keynesian economics as so many contend.By expanding the lower class,they hope to lock in a larger block of guaranteed voters that's all.Let's call it the dependent class vs. the supplier class.The rich support the poor.Nothing complicated here.

Clearly,when you study the details of the stimulus bill,you won't find anything related to an economic solution.So the question becomes not whether the left solution is superior to the rights,rather can the left sell a Socialist agenda as an economic package at all.If the left can just get past this little irritation of reviving the economy,they can focus on their entire agenda of saving planets and rights and the various causes they latch onto.As always in politics,the show that's seems to be on the main stage is really just the sideshow.

By the way,I've loved watching Ron Paul hit the circuit hard lately on all outlets making his case on monetary policy.The befuddled looks of the interviewers as they try to comprehend what he's saying is quite funny.The MSNBC panel was just dazed and confused trying to absorb it.

Should be a real gut check for the GOP this week.Will the Senators keep up the hard line with the House and vote party lines?Will a few cross over and save Obama's bi-partisan pledge?It will really determine the direction of the party for the near future.With the election of Michael Steele who was the most moderate choice as chairman,you'd tend to lean towards compromise.If they embarass Obama now,will they be shut out totally?They have failed for years now to have the convictions of Conservatives and you see the separation.The challenge has been made by the Conservatives to get on board with them or try to pander to Obama to be relevant for the next 4 years.They already caved in once on the TARP bill after making their stance,so this would seem to follow that trend.

It all boils down to a battle for votes,that's all.The stimulus debate is really just about securing a larger base for the left.I have already posted that the right is missing the target on their message.The Conservatives believe they just need to stand on principle and the stars will align.Whoever can tie the state of the economy to the fault of the other side better will prevail.More to come...

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