Sunday, February 1, 2009

Now what?

The stimulus will finally be approved by next week in some fashion.You can't stop it.The GOP can hope to alter it,but it's guaranteed to be implemented.The Dems control far too much to drop it and start over from scratch.

The bigger question is what will we do then?The massive expansion of Government will slowly take place over the next several years thanks to the stimulus.The TARP money will be expanded and doled out although this may take some time.At that point maybe we can finally address the problem.The left will be happy with their social programs greatly expanded.The banks will have their hedge funds in place.We will then need to actually address the recession once the political payoffs are out of the way.

You still have the problems of the Federal Reserve.In fact,there will be a push to incorporate a global institution magnifying the problem.We still have the Federal debt and the huge interest payments,SS and Medicare/Medicaid funding,the rising unemployment rate,housing,etc.We still have the 2nd highest corporate tax rate in the world.Capital gains are too high.The trade imbalance.The wars.

Just amazing with the vast array of serious problems we have to deal with that it still simple left vs. right politics that takes center stage.Obviously,I'm no fan of Obama.But we will have to wait a couple of years at least to see which direction he will go.If you judge him prior to that,he will clearly be a failure because of all of the paybacks and enacting of the left agenda is taking priority.They have waited too long for this opportunity and won't delay it.He will have compounded his problem by playing politics and delaying addressing the real issues.At that time,we will find out what he's capable of.More to come...

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