Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Can you believe Obama's press conference?

Transcript from the Presidents press conference:

Mr. President,we've had lots of others recessions that recovered on their own without a stimulus,doesn't that make this a bad idea?
This recession is unique due to the bad policies of the previous administration and must be dealt with quickly and aggressively to prevent catastrophe.

Mr. President,several members of your cabinet have tax paying issues,do you support this?
This just goes to show that we're all too busy with life everyday and don't have time to be thorough on these matters.That's why I'm announcing a new program expanding the IRS to do everyones taxes for them to insure accuracy.

Mr. President,doesn't reducing our nuclear stockpile,negotiating without pre-conditions and closing Gitmo weaken our security?
Until we show through our actions that we are committed to peace and are willing to consider the viewpoint of all countries and cultures,we can't change the environment of fear we live in that requires these security measures.

Mr. President,your VP has stated it's patriotic to pay taxes,yet you claim 95% of all Americans will receive a tax cut.Isn't this a contradiction?
The American people have spoken by electing me and they want their Government to provide basic services to them and insure that every American has healthcare,education,a job and access to housing.As the greatest country in the world,we need to lead the way in raising the quality of life for all.This will require all of us to do more and for some,this will mean paying more taxes.

Mr. President,you dropped the charges against the USS Cole bomber and are closing Gitmo.Are terrorists rights more important than ours?
I believe every person throughout the world deserves equal rights and protection under the law.If we don't,we aren't fulfilling the vision laid out by the founding fathers in the Constitution.Whether it's a mother's right to choose,a person accused of a crime or a religious viewpoint,I believe we must equally support them all to fulfill this vision.

Did you see this press conference?Of course you didn't,because I made it up.However,this exercise shows how easy it is for Obama to twist a legitimate question and make it appear he's doing the right thing.His rhetoric is very predictable and easy to see thru if you're looking.But many Americans would accept answers like these as gospel because it's from the Messiah.The battle ahead will be brutal.More to come...

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