Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Non-believers everywhere!

The good news is I continue to see supporting info being reported upholding my theory that the Conservatives can't get the swing vote just by sticking to their principles.The bad news is the same reason.

Another survey out that 9 out of 10 don't think the stimulus will work.Yet 35% still want it to pass.Huh?Just goes to show you the mentality you're up against.The Conservative message of accountability and responsibility doesn't sell to the younger voters.Sure you get the base vote.But if you want to prevent a long-term run of Democratic power,you need those voters.It's a mix.You have the entitlement generation which you can't reach.These same people are the type that love the $149 car payment,but don't care that the car costs $20,000 that they don't have.They love the no documentation home loans.They send in every credit card sent in the mail.They couldn't find fiscal responsibility anywhere in the dictionary.And they all seem to have a cause.And they crave being accepted by their peers yet on the other hand do crazy things to stand out from the crowd.You saw them dancing in the streets praising Obama and glad that won't have to pay their mortgage anymore.

This growing segment of the population that you can't profile into any one category are you're swing voters.And they see more benefit in the Dems message.When you talk about Federal debt and interest,deficit spending and all the other bad things associated with bailouts and stimulus,there is a disconnect.They can't feel that pain.Can't touch or see it.How can it be a bad thing to want to save the planet,re-build the infrastructure,provide healthcare to everyone,etc.?They never learned to balance a checkbook in school,so it doesn't translate.

Mark my words,this is the battleground of the future to decide the balance of power.If the Conservatives don't get the GOP back in line and re-package their platform,they will continue to lose.When the stimulus fails,which it will whether it's slimmed down or not,the left will be in an even better position to enact their agenda.It won't matter who gets the blame,desperate people will want help and the Dems will be right there to take advantage.No way can you sell people into taking their medicine to properly fix things.I'm listening to the MRN right now as they say the opposite.They think this rough time currently is enough to get people to change their ways long term.Won't happen.Sorry,but you'll see I'm right.More to come...

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