Tuesday, February 17, 2009

IMF stepping up plans?

Fear.Do you feel it?Everyone seems to sense it.But who to fear?If you're on the right,you fear the left implementing their Socialist agenda.If you're on the left,you fear the right Bible belt policies taking over your life.If you're a conspiracy theorist,you fear the Illuminati taking over the globe.Isn't it always the case that the truth lies in the middle?

It seems prudent to take a little bit of each and combine them for a more accurate view.One of the detriments to politics today is the all or nothing sales pitch.Obama feels empowered with his victory to implement a wholesale shift in policies which drives the right nuts.He only received 52.7%.He is now embarking on reversing 8 years of Bush to pacify his party.Vica-versa when the right takes over after having been out for awhile.Virtually half the country is unhappy with the current administration at any one time.Bi-partisanship is always touted as the goal by any new administration but people don't seem to really want this as it's translates into constant bickering.You either want debate on issues or you don't.The more accurate view of bi-partisan today means the other side caving in so we can make progress.For example,the dire emergency of the stimulus and TARP bailouts.

The New World Order people are really coming to life now with detainment camps,martial law and more right around the corner.They claim that the 13 families who own all banks globally are using the economic crisis to implement the next stage of the global reorganizing plan.Some say what's the big deal?Does it really matter who is at the top of the food chain pulling the strings?Obviously,money is power.The common man never has enough to make a difference.Whether it's a Government or bankers manipulating world events,many feel it doesn't affect their daily life anyway.Certainly the ultimate fear would be just a few people controlling the globe with all freedom gone.

I haven't come to any conclusions yet on what the endgame is.If the IMF is looking to establish one world currency and strip all Governments of power as claimed,why don't they just do it today?If all monies worldwide can be traced back to 13 families,haven't they already got control?
Couldn't they easily devalue the dollar or any commodity and create the anarchy they require to re-align the world?Why wait?Do they think it can be done in a more orderly fashion?We do hear the call everywhere that we need Government to bail us out.That only Government can step in now to solve problems on this scale.Does anyone really think people will willingly just fall in line?By force would seem to be the only way.Too much for this little peon to figure out.

Devaluing monies seems to contradict anyway.If controlling the money gives them their power,then why devalue it willingly and strip your own power?Wouldn't they need to control a strong money supply to control a military necessary to control the world?Can't find the answers to this stuff on Wikipedia!It's kind of like trying to get your mind around the size of the universe that seemingly never ends.I get a brain cramp whenever I try to imagine the really big picture.If there really is a global takeover underway,I don't see where grabbing every gun in existence is going to stop it because they control the really big ones.

Seems much easier to leave the big picture to whatever God you worship.And if you don't believe in one and think we all came about by accident,I don't know who you leave it to.In the meantime,we can only do what we can control.Maybe the Constitution is old,but it's still the bedrock of this country.I believe you must uphold it if you wish to benefit from the freedom it delivered.Changing the game as you go never works.10,20,50 years from now,we would never recognize the country from it's origins if we don't uphold the basic principles it was founded on.Certainly seems as worthy a goal as possible in these times.More to come...

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