Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wishful thinking

Wish List
-require federal debt ceiling limit increases to be on a stand-alone bill requiring a 3/4 majority vote in both houses.
-establish a Federal Constitutional Review Board which must sign off on all Federal Legislation prior to it becoming law to insure no provisions of the Constitution are violated.This Board should be comprised of 12 members,6 from the House and 6 from the Senate divided equally between the majority and minority parties.Members will be appointed by each parties leaders in their respective House of Congress prior to the start of each new session of Congress.The equal number provision is intentional to require at least 1 crossover vote to prevent partisan party line voting.
-a balanced budget Amendment

These would be impossibly difficult to get enacted due to the power being stripped from members of Congress.But they would do wonders for reining in our out of control Congress.More to come...

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