Sunday, February 22, 2009

Jenny says I'll take it!

Our lovely Governor here in Michigan is salivating.Several states are planning on rejecting stimulus funds which would force state unemployment law changes permanently even after the Federal funds are gone.No shame here as the good Governor needs a bailout big time regardless of any long term fallout.Let the next Governor deal with that.She will be the first in line at the handout counter to help save her budget that she can't manage herself.

In a normal failing enterprise,the people in charge would do everything possible to keep someone like this hidden away with her horrific track record.Not the Liberals.They put here front and center as an example of pity needing the good taxpayers help.8 years of failed Bush policies have forced the woeful status of Michigan according to the left,no fault of the Governors.

It appears that the good citizens of Michigan agree as they voted her in for another term.As I have stated here previously and others point out as well,the fault lies with the public.The voters are to blame.They keep getting what they ask for and nothing will change until they vote out the entire gang of bums.Just switching back and forth between only slightly different Republicans and democrats will get you the same results.More to come...

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