Thursday, February 12, 2009

Change in strategy necessary

As predicted,the stimulus has been passed against the wishes of the majority of Americans.Many will say that there is nothing else we can do and move on.I disagree.1/3 of this money is directed to the states to use for their fiscal issues.Obama has repeatedly stated that there are no earmarks in this bill meaning not directed at specific projects.We know this is not true,but let's call him on it for the sake of argument.

No earmark means the states can use this money as they see fit.I say let's put the pressure on the Governors and state legislatures to use this money where it will actually benefit the economy.They can no longer hide behind the reasoning that this bill had to be enacted right away thus eliminating any meaningful debate.It's passed and the money will slowly be doled out over the next several years.How about using the money for state income tax reductions?Other state tax burdens inhibiting the free market?Remember,no earmarks so the money doesn't have to be used for the intended purpose of the Liberal agenda.

Of course,any blue state will comply with Obama and use it accordingly.But if you're in a red state,hold your GOP Governors and Legislators to the fire and demand they use the money for a legitimate economic stimulus purpose.If they do and Pelosi threatens to withhold funding for non-compliant states,all the better as we didn't want this money spent in this manner to begin with.It's a win-win.If the money must be spent,then do it as productively as possible.If Pelosi revolts and goes nuts,that would be great as well.

The point is don't just lay down and take it.Keep up the pressure constantly.Don't let the Liberals get into a comfort zone.On a secondary note,we should see about a petition to make Maine secede from the Union since they have 2 Liberal Senators pretending to be Republicans.The Senate now effectively has a filibuster proof majority for the next 2 years.More to come...

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