Friday, February 13, 2009

You'll have to listen eventually

I do get some level of satisfaction listening to the Conservative media make some of my points even though they refuse to mention my e-mails on the air.I assume that this is ego in some cases as they don't want to be upstaged.Whatever their reasons,it's good to see the points discussed.

Some continue to refuse me.For example,I've been making this point for quite some time.The stimulus is discussed endlessly and the question will usually arise as to whether or not Obama understands what he's doing to the economy with all this spending.I contend that Obama is not factoring this into his decision one iota.Stimulus 1.0 is simply about the Liberal agenda and nothing else.Any tax cut talk is just a distraction to feed the public.You can debate the amount and the merits all you want,it's a moot point.I hear the question of what's the rush to pass this,yet not many realize the answer.

A 2nd point previously posted is the priorities of many American voters.The Conservatives still trumpet the reckless spending,tax cheats,conflicts of interest,etc.They assume when the average person is presented with these points,they will discount Obama.They even make the examples of voters voting for Obama for silly,frivolous reasons but don't connect the dots.You can't change the mind of a voter with reason when they have voted simply based on emotion.In fact,I really like this statement and will use it often from now on.All of their efforts will be well served in solidifying the base voters with the benefits of fiscal and social conservatism.But they must send a modified,targeted message to swing voters that don't factor this into their thought process.

Try it yourself.Find one of these Obama lovers.Tick off the huge list of reasons why the Liberal message is wrong,why spending doesn't work,your liberty is disappearing,etc.They will still respond with something along the lines of who is going to help me or do something for me.The ends really do justify the means for these people.

Just listen as time progresses and you will begin to hear these topics brought up.Eventually,they'll have to address these issues as the Liberals enact their agenda and they'll see things slipping furthur away.More to come...

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