Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We're being punk'd!

Do you think Obama and his team are burning the midnight oil crunching numbers trying to find a way out of this economic crisis?Calling in economic experts from around the globe to devise a can't miss strategy?Uh,no.I guarantee he's not losing a moments sleep while he checks out cool stuff in the White House like the batphone.

It only makes sense.Since this isn't an economic stimulus package,why would it fix the economy?No,just payoffs for the party and the pent-up liberals who have been waiting for years to have a crisis pop-up giving them the opening they've been waiting for to enact their agenda.

Tarp 3 will be his attempt at fixing the credit crisis.The left loves the Central Bank style system of controlling the economy,playing with interest rates,fractional reserve banking,etc.The size of TARP 3.0 will be much larger than the first two $350 billion attempts.

Also,be aware that we are being prepped for the bad news to come in a year or two.That's when the tax increase will be implemented to pay for today's social agenda stimulus spending.The false appearance of bi-partisanship is a disclaimer requirement to spread the blame as he won't have a free pass as with this stimulus.More to come...

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