Monday, February 23, 2009


Hypocrisy is running wild even for beltway politics.Usually politicians try to deflect,shift or somehow deceive you from what is really going on.Today the status quo appears to be simply to do the total opposite.Obama just increased the deficit $800 billion with his stimulus.Now he wants to cut spending about $800 billion.He runs the self proclaimed most transparent administration in history yet no one has any idea where the backdoor TARP money went,if Obama is a legal citizen,whether lobbyists are allowed in the cabinet,whether or not candidates should accept campaign contributions,whether or not you should pay your taxes,etc.It's just like the kiss of death for a sports coach when the owner gives them the vote of confidence.You know they'll be fired soon.So I guess that's the most accurate way to read this administration so far.

Do you think we should allow China to participate in any Congressional spending debates?Since they are picking up the tab,shouldn't they have some say in the process?

I wonder where the outrage is on SS?Remember,it's in dire straits and will run out of money soon yet we are using the SS payroll tax receipts to fund the tax cuts.

The only hopeful scenario I can see is that once America experiences the full effect of the Obama travesty,maybe they will finally step out in frustration and vote both Democrat and Republican political hacks out.The conspiracy theorists tell us to fear the New World Order.Could it be worse than the order in place?More to come...

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