Thursday, February 26, 2009


Stressing out about the economy?Concerned if your Government can save the country from collapse?Still not sure if you made the right choice in the voting booth?The solution is simple.Be a cynic!

Give it a try,it really works!I practice it daily and spend my time tip-toeing thru the tulips!Why,you may ask?Even if you didn't ask,I'll tell you why.

Don't you just marvel at the media debating the merits of Obama's actions so far?They spend countless hours breaking down his bills,executive orders,policies,etc.The inevitable comparisons to previous administrations and alternative styles of Government are rampant.It's all for naught.The basic premise is flawed thus prohibiting any rational conclusions.I'll explain.

People wonder if the stimulus will work.If it's large enough,small enough,has enough tax cuts,enough spending on the right things,too much pork,too much debt,etc.You can debate the merits for eternity,yet it won't change the simple fact that fixing the economy was never the intent.The intent is the Liberal social agenda and securing a larger voting block for the future.This is why you can't reach a reasonable conclusion.The things he is doing don't seem to logically address the economy because they aren't meant to.

There are many different layers of conspiracy theorists ranging from the simple Big Brother is watching to the Illuminati wiping out 80% of the population and enacting the New World Order.I don't know enough factual information to draw conclusive proof of any of them.I just prefer being a simple skeptic and always questioning why.I don't have to stress out about my party being in or out of power and the resulting issues.

We all know politicians lie and cheat.I could never extend trust to someone I don't personally know.I have no use for speeches,only results and actions matter.The laundry list of questions surrounding Obama and his background and qualifications should suffice to deter anyone from electing him.I contend that if he were not African-American,he would never have been elected.Most people celebrate the fact we finally got over the hump and elected a President despite the color of his skin.I say the opposite is true.He got elected because of the color of his skin.All the rhetoric about hope and change are fine,but any of the old guard white politicians could have tried that and not won.Wasn't McCain the proven maverick?

When someone is elected for superficial reasons,people's judgement is skewed.Lately,all you hear is that Obama must be more positive,less gloom and doom.That's simply a political strategy to get policy enacted.People base judgement on irrelevant factors such as style,delivery,tone,expressions,etc.The people down on their luck need the promises and compassion to give them hope because they lack the means to save themselves.This could be willpower,financial,education,etc.Fear is an effective means of compliance with people in this state.

So,I think much time and energy is being expended searching for the thinking process of Obama in trying to solve the economic crisis.If people would be more cynical,you can more clearly see issues in black and white.As great a document our Constitution is,it can't wholly account for the shortcomings of man.Lust for greed,power and money is just too intoxicating for many people.Politicians are just people and those weaknesses rise up when the carrot is dangled.Of course,if we were all good Christians living the life the Lord intended,we wouldn't need a Constitution.More to come...

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