Saturday, February 7, 2009

We need education even more than jobs

We may be witnessing the deepest fall from grace in memory.As Obama digs his hole deeper each day,it's stunning to see how quickly people are jumping ship.He's stuck in campaign mode with his rhetoric and even the left is embarassed.His critics are growing with decisions such as dropping charges against the U.S.S. Cole terrorists.Those who didn't drink the kool-aid knew he would move left,but so quickly?

One of the major talking points against him was nobody really knew what he stood for.The reason now becomes obvious.He doesn't have principles.He's not a leader.He allowed Pelosi to destroy the stimulus bill.He relied on Moodys economists for his economic platform.His social agenda is molded by a collection of radicals like Ayers and Wright.His cabinet is full of Clinton retreads while he boasts of change and hope.He trumpets fear to those that oppose him and categorizes debate as tired old political tricks.He is weakening our National Defense in fast forward.

These things were predicted and expected by his opponents to no avail.His career is marked by good luck and timing.Opponents dropping out of races against him.The housing bubble bursting and credit crunch came at just the right time.The color of his skin was a bonus as it all came together.It's like getting on a roller coaster before you realize they didn't finish the whole track yet.You bought your ticket and there's no refund available.It's little solace to those of us who knew and didn't vote for him,because we still stand together under the ash cloud falling down.

I pledged in an earlier post that I would try to be more positive this year,but I just can't get there watching the train wreck happening right in front of us.Ron Paul is spot on when he writes that education is the only cure.It won't happen fast,but it's the only way to prevent future political hacks like Obama from destroying America.More to come...

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