Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Marketing 101

Doesn't it sound wonderful?Reduce the deficit in half by the end of his first term?Real progress and a likely 2nd term.I wonder...

When you go to the store and see 50% off,2 for the price of 1,buy one get one free.They all sound good and they are all exactly the same.Eye of the beholder.Except that the discount is off the suggested retail price,or worse yet,the suggested list price,which nobody ever pays.

HELLO!Is anybody watching here?Reducing the deficit to $533 billion as Obama is claiming is still higher than any deficit in history!This will be success?Change?No more 8 years of failed Bush policies?

It sounds insane and no common sense thinking person would buy it.This is why it's virtually guaranteed to be a success if he pulls it off(which I don't think he can,by the way).The sheep will love it and praise Obama.Lower the bar so low that any reduction is seen as a positive.

Still need another analogy?Ever try to trade in your car for a new one?The price of the new car is $25,000 if you walk in and pay cash.However,the dealer is going to help you out and pay you twice what your old clunker is worth on trade.Your piece of junk was only really worth $600,but the dealer gave you $1200.You make the deal feeling like you pulled one over on the dealer.Until you read the details and found out you paid $2,000 more for the car than you thought.

Watch the liberal polls after Obamas speech tonight.They will love it as the money keeps falling out of the hole in their pocket.More to come...

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