Thursday, February 5, 2009

Obama voters-you suck!

The urgency Obama is displaying is quite amusing and at the same time frightening.With support for the stimulus collapsing with each passing minute,the left is ramping up the rhetoric that we must act TODAY or the economy will never recover.Apparently,the window for enacting Socialism is small.The left knows they have the 3 branches of Government locked up.The court of public opinion isn't locked in with an election win however.Never waste a good crisis has always been the motto when trying to enact policy the public really doesn't want.

Do you on the left really need to fear?With the policies Obama is putting in place,he should have no fear.They won't resurrect the economy.The Fed is heading for insolvency.The cost of the stimulus will amplify the crisis.The TARP is going to expand greatly.Everything is falling into place nicely to insure a long term period of crisis that will allow the left to enact Socialism.Obama believes he has that mandate with his election.Read his Washington Post op-ed.He states that you don't want tax cuts and he rejects them.Are you one of the fools that voted this idiot in?As always,the voters are to blame for the nations problems because they voted for them.More to come...

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