Saturday, January 3, 2009

Easy budget 101 solution

Interesting reading when surfing thru the endless solutions to our economy and debt.I would conclude that there is nothing that can't be fixed policy wise.Forcing politicians to adhere to standard accounting practices required to do so is the nightmare.

Just a few steps are required.Medicare/Medicaid must join the USPS and SS as off-budget.Whether or not the USPS should stay off-budget is another argument.The catch is taking them completely off so that dedicated taxes only go to these programs and surpluses can't be used by the general fund.No IOU's and no borrowing from the general fund either.If deficit spending is occurring in a particular program,only those direct taxes involved would be raised.

A payroll tax must be instituted for the Federal debt and the interest off-budget as well.It obviously must be paid and needs to be separate so as not to saddle the yearly budget with it.This would take the 3 largest obligations,SS-Medicare/Medicaid-Federal Debt/Interest,off the budget and make them their own separate entities that can't be borrowed from nor supported from the budget each year.They can then be adjusted as required individually throughout the years and be absent from normal politics of earmarks and other deficit spending.

The Balanced Budget Amendment is the other requirement to insure no further deficit spending occurs to worsen the problem.This still allows politicians the latitude to make their campaign promises as the budget is dynamic every year.They can increase the budget,raise or lower taxes or spending or both to accomplish this to the extent that voters will elect them.However,as long as no variance is allowed from the Balanced Budget,our future is not compromised and the other 3 major payroll tax funded entities won't blurry the picture.Easy and I'm no accountant.I'm also not a salesman which is required to get America to sign on.More to come...

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