Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Why the mortgage fixes haven't worked

Congress is apparently going to revisit the mortgage issue.Gee,maybe they should have issued Paulson a tighter leash the first time around.

Personally,I think everyone is underestimating the American homeowner.There has been wide publication of the bailouts and that Obama the Messiah is coming.I think people are simply positioning themselves right in front of the heavenly gates.They know that you must be in foreclosure or at a minimum behind on your payments to be eligible for handouts.Reference the chick on YouTube lauding Obama for paying for her gas and making her mortgage payments.So,to receive communion from the anointed one,they need to stay on the fence of being in trouble without actually losing their house.

I wonder how many in foreclosure voted for Obama?This would make my case.It's the "what are you going to do for me" crowd that loves the Dems,so this fits in nicely.They don't want a bone such as a lower interest rate or a foreclosure moratorium.They want a bailout!They want Obama to make their house payment!More to come...

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