Monday, January 19, 2009

The Free Market has died!

It's official now anyway even if they've been tearing it down for years.America no longer operates under a free market capital system.Not when you remove the option to fail.This is vital to weeding out the hackers and keeping the overall market strong.If companies are "too big to fail" as we hear so often these days,than we have turned the corner to Socialism.Deny it if you like lefties,but the facts bear this out.

Rewrite the textbooks.Sorry,Tony Robbins,you're out of a job.Why put forth the effort towards excellence when you can't fail?Only those with self-pride will strive for it now.As for the rest,take your number and have a seat.When your called,you'll receive your reward for failure.

What a shame.Obama has the ability to inspire the whole country,in fact the whole world.Yet,this is the anchor that he must now be burdened with.He cannot live up to the promise to everyone.No one of this world can.When you try to play centrist and straddle the fence,you only succeed in disappointing everyone.And the bill is going to come due for these misguided policies.More to come...

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