Sunday, January 18, 2009

Pelosi most divisive leader ever?

Nancy on a rant again.She's a busy girl these days.Working hard to spend as much of taxpayers money as possible.Working hard to shut out the Republicans from having any input in this session of Congress.Working hard to prosecute Bush administration officials.

I think no one is surprised by her power grab.In a way,I think the Republicans may be hopeful.They knew she couldn't resist the chance and may be overreaching.Like the criminal she is,they get greedy with each success and then you can't stop the train.

If I were a Republican,you could easily the groundwork for the 2010 campaign right now.It won't be hard to predict where she and the usual gang can't contain themselves.With the failure of the upcoming stimulus certain,you have a wide open door to gain back many seats in 2010.

She can't be too happy that Obama is not like her and ready to attempt total control.I may not agree with Obama's policies,but I don't see him as the drooling at the mouth,wide eyed power tripper that she is.I think she has already shown she will take the bait and pitfalls await.More to come...

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