Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Double vision

Which is real and which is Memorex?Bush stated he had to violate his free market principles to save capitalism.Huh?The global warmers,I'm sorry now they're the climate change crowd,say that the severely cold winter is proof that global warming is happening.Huh?Obama issued his directive not allowing lobbyists in his administration and then issued a waiver the very next day.Huh?When Congress doesn't raise taxes as much as they said they would even though it's still a tax increase,the Liberals call it a tax cut.Huh?Increasing the Federal debt to fund social programs and more Government jobs is called an economic stimulus package.Huh?Obama has promised the most transparent administration ever and won't even release his birth certificate.Huh?

It's a full-time job reading between the lines and separating fact from fiction.But that is the intent,isn't it?Keep everything fuzzy enough to get agenda's rammed thru.Pay close attention those of you jumping in head first with the Obama "believers".His true agenda won't jump up and smack you,you'll have to really uses your senses to see it.More to come...

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