Thursday, January 22, 2009

Slackerism-the New Deal 2.0

The winds of change have whipped up into tropical storm strength.The forecast is for further strenghtening into a hurricane.The giddiness of the left is really unnerving.To see the masses flocking to Obama's message of Government as the savior is tough to watch.One of the great virtues of America is of course our freedom of choice.I'd like to see that amended to freedom of "informed" choice.I'd like to believe if the playing field were equal,if the media were neutral,if the message received by all Americans was exactly the same from each candidate,than the cream would rise to the top and people would decide differently.

Is this realistic?If everyone had the agendas of Conservatism vs. Liberalism laid out unbiased,how would they choose?That's such an easy choice for myself.Accordingly,I have to discount myself as biased.I suppose you would need a young,untarnished mind or an unexposed foreigner to test this.Are we overestimating the resolve of self pride and accountability?Perhaps we need this litmus test of Socialism to play itself out so that people have a base for comparison.Reading about the negative effects may not be enough to connect.

This message has never been as available as today.Talk radio is teeming with it.The internet makes so much available,maybe too much to absorb.The school of thought seems to be if properly presented with both views,the majority would choose Conservatism.With the entitlement generation on deck to make policy for years to come,I don't think that holds water anymore.It simply fits in better with their ideology of everything is owed to me just because I exist.

This is where I think Limbaugh and the other messengers are missing out.I think many are listening to Colin Powell.The message of what's wrong with Government at the center of the universe is not enough.De-emphasizing the Constitution for all these years in our education and value systems is apparently working.The message just on it's merits is not enough anymore.

The time is here where the package must be overhauled because it's not selling.Even if competing products were laid out next to each other without the fancy packaging,the consumer may not buy the "correct" one.The current call to arms is to just return to Conservative roots and stick to principle and everything will work out great.I don't buy it.More to come...

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