Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Today's lesson:Failure is good!

Why are you trying so hard?Working long hours?2nd or 3rd job?Saving money instead of taking vacations?Making sacrifices everyday to get ahead?STOP!

Where is the incentive anymore?It's encouraged to fail these days.Can't keep up on your house payments?Just foreclose and line up for your handout.Business not making a profit?Doesn't matter,Obama will let you write off 5 years of losses.Can't find a job?Why look when unemployment benefits will be extended?

I can't keep up.Bailout,handout,bridge loan,spread the wealth,wealth redistribution,tax cut,re-investment,stimulus,welfare,social security,Medicare,Medicaid,nationalized health care,tuition assistance,foreclosure assistance,infrastructure,capital injection,AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

The sad fact is it appears our Government is the end all for everything.All focus is on propping up anything that is failing,so unless you have loads of pride and integrity,why bother?

By the way,Rollins was just barred from the Senate.Where are the racial cries?A black man is being shut out by Reid the white man.Normally,Jesse Jackson would be howling.Obama has no comment because there can only be one President at a time.Unless he wants to talk about his stimulus package and you can't shut him up.

Panetta for the CIA?We succeeded in running the Bush's out of town,but the Clinton's live on.

I will make a most difficult resolution to try a post more positive posts.With the treasure trove of easy marks for corruption,this will not be easy.More to come...

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