Monday, January 26, 2009

Barack Obama-Hood

The only question is how closely related to Robin Hood he will be.The lovers say look,he's bringing in Republicans for his cabinet.The haters say look at his voting record,his personal radical associations and who he has to work with in Congress.I say Socialist-duh-since that's what people voted for.Many don't realize they prefer Socialism.You might hear somebody accuse the IRS of wealth redistribution,but that's it.Hello,virtually all outlays from the Government are wealth redistribution since Congress redirects receipts to what it decides.The buzz on earmarks is silly.Whether they specifically put it in the bill language-an earmark-or discreetly designate it thru various other methods,what's the diff?It's still pork.Even dedicated payroll tax deductions like SS and FICA have their surpluses dumped into the general fund where they can be spent on anything.So stop already and call it for what it is.

I find it quite sad to watch the American public get sold this bill of goods under the guises of stimulus or bailout.Nationalizing the sectors of our economy little by little.I won't get on board with the New World Order crowd in that it's a secretive concerted effort by the Illuminati to take over the world by controlling the money.I just think the Socialists have some common ideology and methods with make it appear so.Most contributors to advancing Socialism aren't acutely aware that this is occurring.I don't see all the "bad" liberals meeting in back rooms discussing how to take over the world.It just coincides with their agendas.

Just look at Obamas paybacks to his supporters so far.His first priorities have been Gitmo,gay marriage,emissions standards.In the next weeks we're certain to see much more of the Liberals social agenda being addressed.The welfare/debt package,some call it stimulus,is a slam dunk.Bank bailouts?Much,much more headed down that hole.With willing suckers seemingly limitless,he has the free pass to enact whatever he wants.It will be a long time before Americans come to realize what fools they were.They will be firmly entrenched in their Government dependency by then.The Liberals are masters at convincing people that this is a good thing and should hold power for a long time.More to come...

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