Thursday, January 29, 2009

How to increase your budget without money!

I'm jealous to say the least.It's tax time so I'm doing the usual annual review of appropriate financial issues.I wish I could do what Obama is doing.He's increasing the annual Federal budget by at least 1/3 without any additional income.We had approx. a $3 trillion annual budget.With the stimulus getting rammed thru Congress,he's tacking on another trillion.Welcome to the $4 trillion dollar annual budget because the social programs will be permanent and require annual funding.So yes,the taxes are guaranteed to skyrocket because you can be certain spending won't be cut.

I'm well aware that nothing will stop the stimulus from passing and that no matter how much information is exposed to the public,they won't stop it.I'm now thoroughly convinced that the right doesn't get it.I constantly hear them say they just need to stick to the Conservative message and not compromise any longer.This will win elections again.They are reading the public wrong.Sure,you'll get the Conservative base with that strategy and a good candidate.But just study the demographics of our expanding population and where the youth vote is going.They buy into the Liberal sales pitch.They have agendas early on with causes and social consciousness.The school system is controlled by Liberals and the curriculum has been progressively altered over the years to reflect this.If you're not reading your kids textbooks,you better start to see what revisionist history looks like.

They now have the White House,own Congress and will tilt the judicial system in the years to come.Obama has several trump cards to play including his race and it's historical implications,the war in Iraq,the conveniently timed economic meltdown,etc.This will give him carte blanche to enact the entire Liberal agenda under the guise of saving us.

I don't think you can just lay out the Conservative message and get the majority to agree it's the best option.They want their freedom of choice.They are empowered to question everything.They fell they are entitled to everything.They feel the need to protect everything.They don't believe a 232 year old document reflects today's society.Pragmatism rules today.

You don't hear anyone saying this.Someday you will when they realize they can't win with the old game plan.They will have to show why capitalism is superior to Government control.If you don't hold that view,it's not as clear as you think to the unwashed.And the task will only become more difficult as reliance on Government is going to increasingly higher levels.More to come...

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