Sunday, January 18, 2009

Get involved soon

Obama missed his first chance at change.Imagine all of the wasted resources and god forbid,carbon footprint,of his little party Tuesday.With the worst of everything possible known to mankind happening right now thanks to Bush,at least if you listen to Pelosi and Reid,how could you in good conscience spend and pollute this much?

How could you in good conscience spend trillions of taxpayer dollars on pork?Oh,that was the key word,wasn't it.Conscience.Sure helps to not have one.I'm as guilty as anyone about constantly ranting about the Government wasting your money and taking your freedom.But I really think it will all be understated with this go around.

I believe that at the end of the day,Americans will come thru and take back their country from those that threaten it.We have the tools now that were never available in the past.Namely,the internet.The ability to spread the word of the abuse occurring will reach everyone interested in listening.Do your part and spread it as well.More to come...

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