Wednesday, January 7, 2009

$1.19 trillion-how much could it buy?

The Congressional Budget Office has announced the 2009 Federal budget is projected to be $1.19 trillion over budget.Just a projection.The actual numbers are usually worse like last years $455 billion.Let's take a look at how much this really is.

Have you seen the new Ford Fusion that gets 41 mpg?We could buy about 60 million of those.That's a new car for over 50% of the households in the entire country.

The average earnings of a U.S. household member?About $26,000 a year.That's roughly 45 million annual salaries.Obama is only creating 3 million jobs?Lame!

Want to go bigger?In my great state of Michigan the average price of a home is now down to about $120,000.That's 10 million brand new homes.As bad as 2008 was,there were only about 1 million foreclosures in the U.S..We could have bought 10 times that many houses just this year!

Cars,jobs and homes are all serious comparisons as we all need them.Might need a little spending cash as well.How about $3,900 bucks for every U.S. citizen?Obama is only coughing up $500 per worker with his tax rebate,not every single person!

Obama,Pelosi and Reid tell us we might have to spend " a little " to stimulate the economy.My little is a lot different than theirs.And this is just the budget overrun for one single year!And this doesn't include any of the proposed $775 billion stimulus package!The numbers are staggering,but not nearly as scary as the politicians who tell us we can spend our way out of this mess.Bush already tried this with a $131 billion stimulus and about 80% of people
just saved the money.Permanent low taxes,balanced budget,reducing spending,irresistible incentives for business.These are long term,sustainable ways to grow the economy.Keeping power hungry politicians out of our checkbooks is the Holy Grail.Better pray hard!More to come...

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