Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Be careful what you wish for!

Obama received such a nice gift when the economy tanked at just the right time and got him elected.Now,maybe it wasn't so great.The slowdown has been so bad that it's forcing him to temporarily abandon his liberal agenda.This is ticking off the Dems.

When the economy slows down too much,even the tax and spend crowd realize they must spread the tax cuts across the board to really stimulate the economy.Since the top 5% of earners pay almost 60% of the Federal tax burden,they must be included.Robin Hood is not happy.

The Blago farce is really comical.The stern looks from Harry Reid and his crowd over the corruption in Chicago is the ideal pot calling the kettle black.The level of corruption in Congress 110 and soon to include 111 is criminal,yet nobody wants to talk about that.More to come...

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