Thursday, January 22, 2009

Priority #1?Terrorist rights!

Day 1 in the books.The most pressing issue on Obama's agenda apparently was insuring terrorists have rights by closing Gitmo.Or was it gay marriage?Or staffer pay raises?By the way,were they already up for pay raises on day 1?

I see alot of print on when the honeymoon will end for Obama.Much ado about nothing.The far left doesn't care what he does,he's golden.The middle of the road voters that swung the election are in it for superficial reasons.Rockstar,Messiah,Chosen One,lesser of 2 evils,anyone is better than Bush,1st black.Take your pick but what you don't see is agenda issues very often.

When,not if,Obama fails,it won't be on him.Blame it on Bush.Blame it on the housing bubble.Blame it on the Republicans.How about global warming?Or solar flares?Trust me,they will find a reason to keep on lovin'.More to come...

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