Saturday, January 24, 2009

The American voter is 100% at fault for all of it!

Yes,it's you.You are to blame for everything that's wrong with this country.President Garfield called you out over 100 years ago.Research it.He stated that what happens in Congress is representative of what you are and what you want.It's true.They are you're elected "representatives" voting on legislation as you have directed them to.Because if they weren't,you wouldn't re-elect them.Right?

Just as any addict must come to grips with the fact that they need help,you as a voter must accept that you are responsible for the current mess and only you can change it.Sounds silly maybe,but so many voters,or worse,non-voters that just complain,throw up their hands at the actions of politicians.Most likely,you have aligned yourself with your party of choice and just vote the party line.Most voters do this.So this is how Congress votes.A good bill may come up for vote loaded with earmarks,but it gets passed because the initial idea was good.You vote this way,so why shouldn't they?

The party hardliners will tell you to stand on principle and vote this way.Any Republican is better than any Democrat and visa-versa.Or maybe you're the worst of all.You're ignorant.You vote for good looks or a good speaker or sounds honest or some other ridiculous premise.

I've heard it proposed that we should have a voter eligibility test to see if you're intelligent enough to cast a vote.Nice idea,but we can't go there.The right to vote for all Americans is too important to go down this road.

I see it as the establishment failing.Talk radio,investigative journalists,editorials,bloggers,etc.Take your pick.Your message isn't connecting.We are reforming into a 2 class society.The upper supports the lower.Simple fact.The Democrats have been more successful in their quest to establish the permanent,Government dependent lower class that will keep them in power for as long as this holds true.When you examine the stimulus in detail,the social programs that will benefit will strengthen this stance.

Add-in the dividing Republican party.The Conservatives are separating themselves very publicly.Yet,they can't and don't want to divorce.Then everyone loses.I think their premise is flawed.They believe if they stand firm on Conservative principles,the masses will come back.I disagree.Do you really think that an entire segment of society that will be dependent on Government programs to survive would be willing to give them up to become accountable and self-reliant filled with pride?Silly talk.

This problem is entrenched from the liberal run education system up.You will have to address this from the ground up and it won't be quick.A bad economy only makes it worse as Government can more easily sell compassion and the myriad of social programs designed to enslave people.When you layout the alternative of Conservative principles,this will require eliminating the very programs they rely on.

If you were planning a society,it would be easy up front to see why Conservative principles and a free market economy make more sense.Limited Government.Less involvement in your life.The greatest amount of freedom possible.Who wouldn't choose this scenario?But we aren't in the planning stages.And getting back to square one is not so easy.

We just witnessed once again that attacking the Democrats on character doesn't work.Obama was elected anyway.And the parade continues with his appointments with not just character issues,but criminal activities exposed.They get confirmed anyway.It's not a hard concept.Ask an unemployed guy if he's wants a free lunch or can work today for the same thing.I'm sorry,but the majority will take the easy road.And that speaks volumes about where our country is today.

You must fix the education system and family values to make self-pride rise up.This country was founded on the Constitution and Christian family values.We need a society much more reliant on churches and charities to remove Government as the crutch.People have to realize from the own ingrained values that they don't want Government to be the central figure in their lives.If you don't have that set of beliefs,it's far too easy to buy into the sales pitch the Liberals spew.The road will be long and hard,but well worth the effort.Get to work!More to come...

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