Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Obama advisors?Counselors?Huh?

Photo op day at the White House.All the living Presidents together for the 1st time since 1981.Lots of nice comments and praise.Obama thanked all for allowing him to receive advice from a quarter century of Presidents.

How about saying thanks but no thanks?You were looking at $7.7 trillion dollars in national debt!Yes,that's what Carter,Clinton and the Bushes have rung up.Give or take a few billion until Bush Jr. gets his final tally.

Did you know that from 1776 to 1974,a period of 198 years,we had 37 Presidents.And that all combined they only rang up $493 billion in debt.

Now we have Obama trumpeting change who will show all how to really play ball.Combining Congressional Budget Office numbers with Obamas proposed stimulus equates to $2 trillion large in just one year.Change has come to America!Huh?

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