Thursday, January 15, 2009

The audacity of transparency!

Let's see,Geithner is in charge of the IRS now but couldn't do his taxes properly.By the way,he had to manipulate the numbers if he filed electronically because the interview process wouldn't have allowed what he did.But Obama says it was an honest mistake that everyone makes.Keep that statement handy at your next audit interview when you've made a mistake.

Holder thinks waterboarding is torture.The same guy that backed up William Ayers,the Pentagon bomber.

Clinton has no conflict of interest despite hundreds of millions received from foreign donors to the Clinton library.Now she will be negotiating foreign policy for the U.S. with these same people.

Bill Richardson dropped out to avoid a scandal.

Blago was selling Obama's Senate seat.

And don't forget Raines,Rezko,Jeremiah Wright,citizenship,Emanuel,etc.

Do we see a pattern?More to come...

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