Monday, January 5, 2009

Harry says Me!Me!Me!

It appears our illustrious Leader of the Senate subscribes to the revisionist history books.Spouting off about the Constitution giving him authority to decide who gets to play in his sandbox,he must be reading that liberal revised version again.The copy I have clearly states that the American people decide who is elected to the Senate.Gov. Blago,while clearly not playing by the Dems rules,absolutely has the authority and duty to appoint the successor to guarantee the citizens of Illinois have representation in the Senate.

Lets remember that as of now the disgraced Gov. has only been charged and not convicted.The Illinois Senate passed on their chance to oust him,so he remains in power for now and appointing the successor is the duty of his office.

As far as seating the Senator that he chooses,he is performing his duty for the American people.Thus the American voter effectively has submitted him.The Constitution has clearly provided a way to remove a sitting Senator by a 2/3 vote,so Sen. Reid can reject him in that manner.There is also precedent for this method as well.

Over reaching power hungry politicians continue to disgust.Their own agenda's override their responsibility to the voters that elected them.We see this over and over and the verdict is clear.The American voter is to blame because we continue to re-elect these fools.I don't want leaders in my elected offices.I want followers who will vote the wishes of their constituents.The way it's supposed to be guaranteed by the Constitution.Majority rules and that's how they should vote.More to come...

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