Wednesday, April 29, 2009

100 days-only 1360 left!

Fox has decided not to air Obama's primetime infomercial and instead run it's scheduled program called "lie to me".Sure sounds like the other networks will be airing the same show!

I wonder if any serious injuries or deaths were caused by the fly-over jamming the 911 lines?If I got a busy signal,I'd make my next call to Geoffrey Fieger.Can we get the $328,000 wasted on this debacle deducted from the Presidents budget?

The picture of the White House intent for the automakers is certainly becoming clear now.The legacy costs for VEBA are being transferred to the taxpayers in an effort to relieve both the Big 3 and the UAW from the burden and thus allow them to be cost competitive with the foreign automakers going forward.The price tag for this is caving in to the Feds on product selection as we will now be producing the "green" small cars the climate change crowd demands even if they don't sell.Wagoneer wouldn't play ball by focusing on the SUV's that were profitable and the public demanded so he's out.Ford will be forced into compliance thru the back door as the UAW writes the labor contracts for all the Big 3 and they are about to become the primary owner of GM and Chrysler.Even though Ford looks good today because they didn't take any bailout money,they will be pressured into adherence thru the threat of labor.

How important did the Ted Stevens travesty just become?Or Norm Coleman?Even though Specter was a psuedo Republican like the Maine Senators and John McCain,it's still a big deal for the liberal agenda.If anyone didn't think Obama was in hard left mode before,just sit back and watch now.Can he get cap and trade and health care in his first year now?What will he do for an encore?

Janet says we can't call it swine flu now.That's okay.I considered swine flu anytime Congress passes a spending bill!More to come...

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