Thursday, April 16, 2009

A smashing success!

How do you determine if the Tea Parties were a success?Simple.You just watch the liberal response.They are in lockstep across the country with talking points in hand trying to show the protests were insignificant only attended by extremists.They say the rich,white people are the organizers and supported by the right wing Fox news crew.Exactly what was predicted prior to the events.When they attack with full venom,you know you've connected and struck a nerve.I would call it a home run based on the level of contempt shown by all on the left.

The more extreme,radical,right wing,minority characterizations that fly,the better in terms of the other side taking you seriously.The fear in their eyes is tough to hide.They know they have no argument,so they can't debate.They are only left with standard attack mode.It really is fun to watch regardless of where you stand politically.Just as Obama is going full steam ahead to implement his social agenda while he still has the political capital to pull it off,the right needs to amplify the momentum from the tea parties.If they take their foot off the gas now in fear of looking like the extremists the liberals are painting them,it will be a huge step backward.More to come...

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