Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The master plan

Is this the big one?The 13 families in motion?Illuminati?2012 doomsday at little early?Communism?Marxism?Socialism?How far do we go down the conspiracy theory road?

I believe we have had Socialism for decades.One only needs to look at the IRS for proof of that.It seems more appropriate that we are now in a state of fascism.Fascism is state run capitalism.When the Government is running private companies,you have fascism.Whether it's banks,insurance companies,auto companies,mortgage lenders,etc.,we are now there.

What does this mean?We still need to see how far Obama takes it.Will he take the dollar standard off the table and convert to a world currency?How about the civil service program being expanded for the youth?Will it stop at 250,000?The national security militia that he proposes as large and well funded as the military?Nationalized healthcare?Geithner will now set salary structures for private companies.How far will that extend?

If he is able to continue the suicidal spending to the point of no return,our options will be gone.Whatever his ultimate global vision is would be on the table.China is rapidly gaining influence with the keys to the piggybank.Israel is an unknown.Can Obama keep them in check while standing by and allowing Iran to run wild?Pakistan will decide the outcome of Afghanistan.

He must push hard enough,but not past the tipping point until it's too late.If he goes too fast he runs the risk of the American people actually rising up en masse rather than the trendy tea parties.That is still way off.Of course the right is talking continually,but that generally just re-inforces the base.To actually scare the middle,or God forbid,even some of the lost Liberals would be a major faux pas.He has great latitude with these people to still blame Bush,to promote his social agenda under the guise of helping them,and the kool-aid drinkers that just can't believe he is capable of these things.

It's hard to imagine a mistake that large.Clinton was impeached and only gained sympathy more than scorn.The unimaginable debt numbers are meaningless to the average person,so I don't see it as a deal breaker.If he can't appease the debt buyers and has to print money strictly,the inflation would be inevitable.Stagflation would follow along with high commodity prices,high unemployment,furthur housing corrections,banking failures,etc.The depression would be astounding in scale.Harry Dent has been on record predicting it for years.

The other scenario is just cumulative.Paying off labor with the card check and organizing reforms pending,the Fairness Doctrine,Gitmo,cap and trade and the whole laundry list of agenda items underway to undermine the Constitution and remove liberty and free markets.Rather than one big mistake,maybe the lightbulb will go off when enough people have been negatively affected to start the revolution.I think there are too many variables to say even though many will claim to know.More to come...

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