Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tea Party Day!

Just wanted to report on the local tea party just held here in Lapeer,MI.Approx. 400-500 attended according to the mayor.This exceeded everyones estimates without question.There were readings from the Constitution,Declaration of Independence,patriotic songs were sung by a former Miss Lapeer,statements from former Rep. John Stahl,Rep. Kevin Daley,a representative from Candice Millers office and several local businessmen and citizens spoke.

My personal opinion?There was more politicians involved than was advertised.Anti-abortion was promoted as well as prayer with a pastor speaking.Good stuff,but not what this was supposed to be about.There are a great many issues that deserve our attention in forums such as this,but this was really supposed to be about excessive Government spending and giving local citizens a place to vent.There was some of that,but not nearly enough in my opinion.This is due to the fact the American Family Association was the organizer and these items are central to their cause.

They need to be careful when promoting their entire agenda to prevent any backfiring.Even though most attendees will agree with their stance in most cases,you must stay true to the spirit of the event.The lack of transparency is a huge issue with our elected officials despite what they may pledge,so you don't want to even give the appearance of this to have credibility.Again,it's not that the ideas they were promoting weren't in-line with what the crowd subscribes to,it just wasn't what this was promoted to be.More to come...

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