Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama providing opportunity?

George Soros is the bad guy?Big corporations are evil?The theme seems to be punish success.Spread the wealth.Now is not the time for profits says Obama.The fuzzy logic.

I certainly understand the politics of the Liberals in their quest to secure their voting block of Government dependent sheep.The view of the public is a bit more puzzling.Class envy accounts for many supporters.The haves and have nots.I was jealous of the guy that invented the pet rock as well.Why didn't I think of that?But I've always had the mindset that I wanted to see success out there.In the company I work for,I want those above me to have success because I know those options are out there for me down the road.

Soros is evil now just like any of the hedge fund guys that are profiting on the economic crisis.We really want everyone to share in our pain apparently.These premises are not good news.That means Americans want the dream to be out there,but in hard times we want everyone to go down with us.There goes the free market principles.If businesses can't fail due to mis-management and poor business models,we don't have a free market.We have fascism.

State sponsored capitalism is fascism.The Government over regulating and controlling all aspects of the market.If companies can become too big to fail and Government must backstop every downturn,the incentive for productivity and efficiency fails.Why make fiscally responsible decisions when you have nothing to lose?

If we have the same philosophy with success,we fail.If you can't succeed without being publicly scorned,would you invest and take risks that are required?If someone is sharp enough to make money off reading markets and trends to spot opportunities,I commend them,not shame them.There were plenty of warning signs and people who did sound the alarm on the housing crisis and all of it's related drama.It was ignored by most.

If we have slipped to the point where you can no longer achieve without guilt,then it's over.We might as well make Obama dictator and go sit in the corner.Let's hope that it's other factors.Blind loyalty,ignorance,defiance,drinking the kool-aid.All are preferable to the previous because you have hope of changing these.

Obama is providing a continuous stream of examples for people to rise up and revolt.As the stripping of our liberty continues,we either get to a tipping point and it all backfires on him,or there will be no turning back.For years,we have had policies that don't reflect our Constitution or our countries citizens best interests.Regardless of which party is in power.So,with Obama trying to hit the grand slam with his power grab,he may be doing us a favor by finally triggering action.

A recession is your neighbor losing his job.A depression is you losing your job.Tyranny is your Government providing your job.More to come...

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