Sunday, April 5, 2009

Liberty-too big to fail!

With all of the discussion of late about which companies should be allowed to fail,where is the furor over the most important crime taking place?Our Government is stealing our liberty at an alarming pace.This argument used to belong to the conspiracy theorists.Today,you hear the New World Order spoken of matter of factly all over the media,one world currency is under consideration,industries are being nationalized.The Government is grabbing power as never before.

The tea parties will make their splash on tax day.After that,the budget will be passed and the loss of freedom will march on.I'd like to see as much attention paid to this.Why not a march on Washington on July 4th?Why not a freedom march?We do it for the planet or minority rights.Why not for the most important issue facing this country,bar none?We send an avalanche of e-mails and phone calls to our elected officials.The results are minimal.Congress still follows their own agendas regardless of what their constituents want.It could be largely solved at the ballot box,however,too many ignorant voters or party line voters make that impractical.

Rick Santelli of CNBC gets credit for starting the tea party revolution.It will probably take a spur of the moment type event to spark a liberty revolt.There is no limit to the information available to those who seek it describing the liberty theft.Bits and pieces are now mixed in with the nightly news.But it's still generally treated as an anomaly like UFO's or the next ice age coming.We are too many generations removed from the masses having reason to mistrust Government to the level required.

We seem to be victims of our own success.Americans have had it so good for so long,we naturally just take it for granted.When you ask someone why they have optimism for the economy to recover,the answer is usually just because it always has.I certainly understand not buying into any extremist conspiracy theories without evidence to back it up.Why ignore the evidence when it supports the alternative?

We haven't bottomed on mortgage values.Commercial mortgages and unsecured credit haven't hit yet.Employers will continue to shed workers for some time.Inflation awaits when the Fed must start raising the interest rates.You hear the Federal debt numbers thrown around.The interest will be an anchor for generations.I don't think people realize the magnitude of this.Even with the stimulus,some would throw out a total number including interest.That's only good if you can guarantee the yields on treasury securities and for how long?We pay no principal on the debt,just interest so it is in theory limitless.The fact is nobody can accurately forecast the interest payments,who will buy new debt or cash in the old,or any other factors globally which may require more debt to be added.Sure,we can print the money for the debt we can't sell,but the deflation of the dollar insures a limit on this as well.

What will hit first?The destruction of the dollar?The debt interest overwhelming the GDP?Depression?Nobody knows.Many have an agenda on how they want events to transpire.Will the trigger event take place to cause a revolution and delay this assault on liberty for another time?More to come...

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