Monday, April 20, 2009

Stress test for banks?How about the Constitution?

It seems the Messiah has got himself into a bit of a pickle on the stress test results for the banks.If too much info is released,it could cause several problems.If the info is bad,the bank stock will take a hit and a confidence issue will result.If the info is good,justification for forcing the banks to take TARP funds for nationalization purposes would be a tough sell.Obama hasn't had a good track record thus far on playing the politics correctly.His public approval ratings aside,he keeps leaving the door open for easy criticism of his decisions.Look no furthur than the pathetic $100 million in budget cuts just announced when we are spending trillions.

The media likes to ask the question "where were these tea partiers the last 8 years"?The problem has been the Obama agenda.Previous administrations tried to take away liberty and grow Government dependence in a step process.Obama is trying to hit the homerun and people are taking notice.He has been going past the tipping point and actually awakening the dead protesters.Usually these people just grumble and complain,but don't act.A liberal would never accept this as a legitimate reason as this will continue to be blamed on losers remorse or even racism from idiots like Garafalo.

I've stated previously in these posts,the best thing that the right can hope for is that Obama continue to over-reach.Protocol usually dictates that a new hire like Obama should press thru the most delicate issues in their first year with his perceived mandate still in place.But most administrations don't have a full plate like Obama does.They might attempt a couple of controversial issues.But try pro-choice,gay rights,climate change,2nd Amendment,massive entitlement expansion,nationalization of multiple industries,anti-military,anti-religion,and on and on.That's a liberal dream,but even the Messiah himself only had a 52.7% majority to use as his mandate qualification.Let's see if the 2nd round of tea parties and a march on Washington is a success,and the revolution just might take hold.More to come...

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