Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The battle may be turning positive

In many respects,it's nice to see the battle come to a head over our fiscal policy.Those with Conservative beliefs don't want to see the Liberal agenda imposed on us,of course,but this has to happen and escalate as well.If Obama were to stay closer to center,he would be a shoo-in for 8 years and a more gradual implementation of his ideology.The only thing that could slow the slide into the abyss is what he's currently doing.Over-reaching.He's taking Rahm Emanual's cue and running with it.

The basis of a Liberal agenda has to be a gradual introduction of their ideology.You don't make the public dependent on Government overnight without raising suspicion.The only way it can work is for it to occur without the public realizing it until it's too late.The mid-term elections upcoming seemed way too close to hope for a reversal so soon after the Obama euphoria,but it is looking more likely as we go.I wouldn't discount the idea that Obama is aware of this and has no intention of a 2nd term,thus explaining the extreme push left right out of the gate.

I certainly hope all are doing their homework on what's really happening on how to explain it to your circle of people to spread the facts.Use the Cost of Government Day analysis to explain the depth of our Government financial burden.Tax Freedom Day is inadequate.Legistorm.com is the ideal place to research your elected officials spending habits.Taxpayer.net is great for knowledge of detailed Congressional spending.Taxfoundation.org will give you the background on your states position relative to others on tax structure.

The knowledge is all right there at our fingertips.We simply need to do our part to educate the ignorant.Many will see the light and act prudently once they are presented with the facts.The Liberals are aware of this threat as evident by their actions.They discount the tea parties as extremists and insignificant as they know that knowledge is their greatest enemy.Obama has actually given us more reason for optimism than we have had for generations with his agenda.I certainly have surprised myself as I had only dark thoughts upon his election thinking a slow death was underway.Too dramatic?Maybe so,but not if you value liberty and objectively assess what is really happening to our country.More to come...

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