Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why not a revolution?

I think it's high time we get past the stigma that revolution is for extremists only.Will you branded as one if you support this?Of course,but you're branded that simply by attending a tea party or objecting to the Obama agenda in any way.

Is what you've been doing working?Our collective voices against excessive Government spending and high taxation seem fruitless.They inspire us and we feel like we're doing "something" to stop it.We also objected to TARP,to the stimulus,to the budget,etc.What were the results?Zip!Many of the primary enablers have been exposed along the way such as Chris Dodd,Barney Frank,Nancy Pelosi,Harry Reid,Henry Waxman,Timothy Geithner,Henry Paulson,Barack Obama,George Bush and on and on.Tax cheaters?We've exposed them.Bribe takers?Sure,like Dianne Feinstein today.We've all now been told the derivative,sub-prime,CDO mortgage debacle.The Community Re-investment Act.Fannie and Freddie.Moody's AAA ratings scandal.

There is an avalanche of information available to those who seek it and you don't have to be a conspiracy theorist,a Liberal hater or any other mindset to see what has happened.Yet with the cat out of the bag and the guilty parties exposed,what have we accomplished to stop or reverse it?Nothing.The same people are still pulling the strings.No Congressional oversight investigation.No ethics probes.No suspension of funding for the bailout sponges.I literally don't see any tangible results whatsoever.

Bad publicity doesn't slow this train down.Re-election?The old axiom that it's easier to ask for forgiveness than permission holds true here and the fall of 2010 seems a long way off.All of which brings me back to my point.We absolutely need a real revolution.The states touting secession aren't really serious,just getting some pub.The tea parties are a good start,but will need a massive increase in participation to become effective.If Thomas Paine gets his wish and gets a million man march on Washington on July 4th,that would be another step.But to actually enact legislation changes and reverse policies,the effort must be truly spectacular so as to give the politicians no way out at all.They won't pay attention otherwise as you've seen so far.A revolution needn't be violent,but it must be overwhelming to prevent it.It's not just standing up to the bully.We need a Reagan type nuclear deterrent to give them no alternative.The grassroots efforts to date are great,but the hill is very steep to get all the way up.More to come...

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