Monday, April 13, 2009

Tax revolt?Wrong direction!

Just watched David Buckner pass out on Glenn Beck simply trying to explain the tax problems.We can't even talk about it without getting sick.The alcoholics rule applies here.You must admit you have a problem before you can fix it.The Obama nation is nowhere near that revelation.Tax reform can't even get off the ground without it.It doesn't matter whether we raise or lower taxes.This only changes how much of the spending is debt.You would need a balanced budget amendment for the tax level to have any effect.

This gets to the root of the problem.Spending,spending,spending.This has to become job 1.We talk about it being out of control but don't act.We talk about taxes being too high but our reform aims are at things like a flat tax or fair tax.These only work to more evenly distribute the tax burden across the population.Great stuff,but won't fix the problem.As an analogy for a consumer,let's say I keep eating out at Red Lobster regardless of what my commission check is each week.The only difference is how much I have to put on the credit card.I'm still over-spending because I shouldn't be eating there if I can't afford it.

It really is an amazingly simple solution.Unfortunately,we aren't all seeking a solution.Not if it takes away our power base.Which is an age old problem that the human race has always had to battle.It's great that we'll have the tea parties.But at some point we must direct our efforts at the real problem,our Government.Remember,our Government is by and for the people.We must take it back so it reflects our will.Many can't stomach the thought of real revolution,but if you think that those with the most to lose will take it laying down,then you've already lost.So,if you have the spine to step up to the plate and fight,then step aside and just enjoy what you're given.More to come...

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