Saturday, April 25, 2009

100 days-had enough yet?

President Obama is marking his 100 day anniversary with a chest thumping celebration on all the major networks.The fact that the media is giving up an hour of primetime during sweeps for yet another Obama campaign style speech shouldn't surprise.The well documented love affair by the media will certainly continue onward.We'll hear a thorough accounting of his achievements in the face of unprecedented peril most of brought on by the policies of the previous administration.And we'll hear how much more we have to do and that Obama will need our support and patience to help the country recover.You'll hear a not very detailed plan on climate change,healthcare and a few other agenda items on which we'll have to take bold action.It's always bold action,acting swiftly,bi-partisan and the other talking points.And it will sell as Americans eat this stuff up.They crave anything positive at this point.The stock market will go up as will his poll numbers with the gushing media reviews sure to follow.The Conservatives are faced with taking the opposing viewpoint based on principle.While this is the correct thing to do,it will be difficult to garner broad based support.

It's time to ratchet up the opposition anyway.A large portion of the detrimental effects of the Obama policies won't be felt until later.The more severe downturn in the economy doesn't happen until at least 2010 as much of the toxin still hasn't shown it's ugly face.Such as the ARM's that won't adjust until next year causing a new round of foreclosures.The commercial mortgage market and unsecured credit markets still haven't surfaced yet.With the normal lag in the unemployment recovery after a recession,this will align it with the stimulus temporary construction jobs winding down and force another retreat in unemployment.We haven't started to pay the increased interest costs yet for the massive Federal debt expansion which will be a drag on the budget for many decades.Deflation will continue followed by a rapid rise in inflation and then stagflation as the Fed tries to artificially manipulate the market with interest rates.The future costs of military engagements cannot be calculated,however,one can be assured they will come.Factor in the tax increases that Obama won't have any choice about implementing.Also there will be a huge backlash in Medicare as he implements his reforms which will severly limit eligibility and payouts in an effort to control costs.The carbon tax or cap and trade or a combination of both will most likely roll out in FY2010.

All of these factors and the myriad of other agenda items and bailouts and furthur stimulus measures spell a crushing blow to the American economy.Much more drastic measures to counteract his policies are necessary and soon.I wouldn't say anything is on the table yet,but the jury is still out.More to come...

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