Friday, April 24, 2009

The NASCAR President!

Why you may ask?Because all he can do is turn to the left!

I just read an article from Fox declaring bi-partisanship dead after Obama opened the CIA investigation options.Huh?When were we experiencing this bi-partisanship?I don't think there's any dispute that Obama has gone hard left on virtually every policy decision since taking office.He may throw out rhetoric proclaiming the opposite,but his actions speak otherwise.

The White House is certain to be looking for a way to exit stage left on the CIA issue.It's a hot potato politically with no good outcome possible.Cheney called their bluff and likely has backed them down for now.No way does Obama release all of the documents and open pandora's box.Also,there is no way Obama takes a hit on this either as many would hope.With a one party Government now in place and the media back-up to boot,it's not going to happen.He may throw a sacrificial lamb for slaughter to get the heat off.

I've read that Obama passed his "mettle" test with the pirates.I don't see that as the test,nor was the N. Korea missile launch.That story sure has died without any UN response at all.I would see his test as being Israel bombing Iran.How he handles Israel will be very telling on his true foreign policy initiatives.Or it could easily shift to Pakistan if Israel backs off.Pakistan holds the key to ultimately dealing with Afghanistan.It's hard to imagine that he has the skills to juggle all of these timebombs based on the steady slew of gaffs so far.

Isn't Obama the ultimate insurance scheme?Insurance in any form is usually designed so the healthy pay for the sick,the good drivers pay for the bad,the living pay for the dead,etc.His global vision of equality for all is his wish to simply reboot society and have everyone come out equal on the restart.The human spirit guarantees this will fail.Hitler took a different tact,but failed as have many others over the generations.Will it take 40 years to recover as from the New Deal?We never have fully recovered and his agenda far exceeds Roosevelts in scale.More to come...

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