Friday, April 10, 2009

Economists are in love with Obama also!

It must be a personal thing.I can see the stock pickers touting the bear rally as really a bull.They have skin in the game.Of course,the left will latch onto any positive economic nugget regardless of any basis behind it.For example,home sales are up slightly as they should be with the interest rates and values being dragged down by foreclosures in the area.This doesn't justify a homebuyers market rebound,just people taking advantage of the situation,which is great.

But many others,included noted economists,are jumping in with both feet to race to announce the worst is past and the recession will end by the end of fiscal 2009.They also have skin in the game with their reputations,so it's puzzling that they would throw caution to the wind and get on the bandwagon without sound facts to back them up.Does Obama's rockstar appeal even extend to these people?Do they think they can simply will a recovery by hoping and making brash statements?

If they're Keynesian based,they are locked into the false belief that the Obama policies can actually work.So they must simply ignore the facts and get behind Obama.If one takes into account all factors involved in the economy including fiscal,social and political,you can't come to any other conclusion than failure.You can argue how bad and how long,but when an economic policy is based in false premise,failure is certain.The numbers that are released simply re-inforce what you already know.

So,I get the liberals and the Obama faithful following the false prophet as they should.But the supposedly neutral economists?Apparently they can't leave their political bias out of their rationale either.I mean ,the numbers don't add up.It reminds me of a baseball hitter.He is considered a success when he fails 70% of the time.If you hit .300,you are going to make millions and be considered a good hitter.It's in the way it's presented or the eye of the beholder.Obama is doing the same with quadrupling the deficit and cutting in half and calling that a reduction.Like the store that raises the price 50% on Tuesday and has a 30% off sale on the weekend and you think you got a deal.

I sure hope to see a good turnout to tea party day.It has to be a success to springboard the major change in the publics activism required to really tackle the problem.They have to see some positive results before they jump on-board because they don't want to feel like a minority or extremist.Activism requires fair weather fans.More to come...

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