Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just some ramblings

The headline blares:3 more ships taken by pirates!Obama just declared yesterday that he would stop this so maybe this is an in your face response.It reminds me of Sam Kinison when he joked about the starving people in Africa and said-Why don't you move where the *&#^ing food is?So,why don't the ships quit going where the *&#^ing pirates are?Is charting a different route than the coast of Somalia impossible?Probably would cost extra money to go out of the way.Would it be more than the ransoms the shipping companies are paying out?

Can't wait to see what the Cost of Government Day will be for 2009.If you haven't heard of this,it's the Americans for Tax Reform extension of Tax Freedom Day to include the cost of Government regulation as well as taxes.Federal+State+Local+Regulation.It's usually sometime in July.

Granholm just extended unemployment benefits to a max of 79 weeks.What a number.A year and a half of benefits.And does anyone honestly think even that far out will show improvement in Michigan with the GM bankruptcy coming up?More to come...

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