Monday, April 27, 2009

Swine flu hysteria?Why not Liberal hysteria?

It's just amazing to me the speed with which the latest pandemic craze is sweeping the globe.Don't go out in public,wear a mask,wash your hands.Great stuff,hopefully most people comply and this will go the way of the dodo bird soon.

Why can't people get as excited about their freedoms and childrens futures being flushed down the toilet for a politicians ideology?This has been a perfect storm as Obama came on the scene at just the right time with the country craving change in any form.We are now putting in place policies for which we will pay a heavy price for who knows how long.

When you examine the damage taking place in just 100 days,can you imagine what will occur after 1 year?Or 4 years?Or 8 years?We've seen a few chinks in the Obama armor,but nothing to reverse course.We need the swift and bold action that Obama loves to speak of,only it's needed to stop him before it's too late.Many will say that is crazy talk,that Obama can't do that much as he's only one man,that the American economy is resilient and always recovers.Do you think that kind of thinking was prevelant in some of the dynasties of the past?Aztecs,Incans,Romans,Egyptians to name a few.Certainly they did not see the end of their empires in front of them until it was too late.

The American success story draws many reactions around the globe.Jealousy,hatred,admiration.The fact is no one on the planet can say they have experienced what we have in the last 232+ years,and there is no shortage of enemies who would love to see our reign come to an end.Obama is opening doors and encouraging them to walk right in with some of the policies he's implementing.It's not a global conspiracy theory,simply human nature.I would hope that vastly more people will take this seriously soon,in time to still stop it.More to come...

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