Sunday, May 3, 2009

A "fair" tax system?We could do it if...

I hear many who argue we need to pay a "certain" level of taxes.I wonder what this level is?Obviously,we need tax revenue for the various levels of Government to function and provide the services we require such as roads,schools,libraries,etc.Let's take a look at what we pay on average already.

The IRS reported in 2007,there were 138.89 million tax returns filed paying $1.36 trillion into the Treasury.Of those,43.8 million paid zero taxes or less thru credits.So,over 30% of taxpayers pay no Federal income taxes leaving about 95 million of our 305 million citizens paying Federal income taxes.So,only a third of our citizens pay Federal income taxes and a third of taxpayers pay nothing.

There are lots of studies determining the average tax burden including all levels of Government.Some will even attempt to include hidden taxes and indirect taxes.I don't think it matters trying to get the magic "average" number because there is no average taxpayer.Some pay none at all,some are hit with taxes others aren't,etc.For arguments sake,the Tax Foundation reports we work 113 days a year on average to pay about 30% of our income toward taxes.

The bottom line is that there is no fair "certain" level of taxation.We have a wide range of tax burdens across the population.All of these statistics simply strengthen the case for abolishing the IRS and implementing a true "fair" and "flat" tax system in which every citizen pays their share.The left will never endorse any such system as the rich will retain too much income and their socialized wealth redistribution system would be shot.If you used the Tax Foundation number as fair at 30%,the burden would be far greater on low income people.

This gives the Tea Party movement credence as Government spending is far too excessive.To evenly balance today's tax burden equally would destroy the lower income.The only fair way to implement a balanced income tax system is to allow Obama to go all the way with his Socialist agenda and make everyone's income the same.We all make the same,we all pay the same,it's fair!God Bless Amerika!More to come...

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