Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama is like Nyquil

I equate Obama politics to Nyquil the cold medicine.Nyquil has ingredients designed to relieve congestion as well as ingredients designed to stuff you up.This is not a knock on Nyquil as I love the stuff,I just have no idea why it works because it tries to do everything and would seem to offset itself.Obama policies are the same as he tries to be everything to all people.

He is injecting massive liquidity into the markets to get credit flowing and at the same time pushing thru legislation designed to punish and restrict credit in the form of his bill of rights.

He tells us we're broke and the cause is a long-term issue,Medicare and Medicaid.Yet he says the cure is short-term in the form of deficit spending.

He tells us he needed the stimulus legislation passed on an emergency basis and after he took his holiday weekend he signed it and the bulk of it doesn't kick in until 2010-11.

He preaches the most transparent administration in history and has done the exact opposite.

I could go on with this stuff all day but you get the point.If ever there was any truth to the theory of watching what the left hand is doing while the right hand is moving,he epitomizes it.More to come...

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