Monday, May 4, 2009

Did Obama kill the new Soo lock?

I am puzzled why the new Soo lock was shot down as a stimulus project.It met "shovel ready" requirements.It is a 10 year construction project,so even as a temp job creator as any of these projects are,it would last years longer than most.This project has been around since 1986 created by the Water Resources Development Act.The planning is complete.Some of the preliminary work such as the "coffer dams" is already complete.It benefits Minnesota and Wisconsin as well.70% of the freighters use the Poe lock today due to their size and need a back-up should that lock ever go down.The Army Corps of Engineers construction wish list of stimulus projects leaves Michigan empty handed.Michigan politicians remain publicly confident that the project will still eventually complete thru regular appropriations,but one has to wonder.The Army essentially got it's blank check with Obama's stimulus and still wouldn't pull the trigger.It would appear to be dead in the water.I would have to wonder if it's the "green" angle.Mining iron ore and coal don't fit the Obama environmental agenda for the future,so I would think the priority for this project just went to the end of the line.More to come...

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